Pedestrians walking.

Our History and Current Structure

TAN brings together some 20 independent consultants to share expertise and keep up to date with developments in transport. We have just celebrated our twentieth anniversary: TAN was set up under the leadership of Dr John Miles in 1997 with nine members – four of whom remain very actively involved. From the start, we have been interested in helping each other and providing a forum for discussion on both technical issues and the running of small businesses. Over the years many more members come on board, through personal invitation, and the range of expertise that the group can offer has widened.

Current members:

Kris Beuret
Mike Bordiss
Sally Cairns
Phil Carey

Henri Chua
Tony Duckenfield
Ann Frye

Nigel Fulford

Elizabeth Gilliard
Andy Graham
Neil Hoose
Martin Higginson
Keith Keen
Finella McKenzie
Sara Vaughan
Nigel Wall

Heather Ward

The Network is supported by our Secretary, Sally Scarlett.